All incoming raw materials and chemicals will firstly be inspected and tested in our in house Laboratory. The entire equipment is calibrated in a timely basis and our Laboratory personnel are well trained, professional and qualified for their work.


Every raw materials and chemicals are used based on the FIFO ( First In First Out ) System and carefully blended by our Expert Compounders. The mixing results will be inspected by the Q. A. ( Quality Assurance ) Department Inspectors before releasing it to the Production Department.


We have 12 new high technology production lines with production capacity around 1,2 Billion Pieces Annually. We upgrade our production lines constantly based on the latest technology to achieve better Quality Products with competitive price.

Our production lines consist of Online Chlorination Process, Online Polymer Coating Process, Online Powder Coating Process and Double Chlorination Process. The entire Production personnel are trained routinely to ascertain that they are competent in performing their duties.


Gloves are tested strictly according to the Quality Standards & the Customer’s Requirements. The adoption of our Product Standards are based on the ASTM Standard ( D 3578 & Its Derivatives ) ; EN Standard ( EN 455 & Its Derivatives ).


Our Packing Process based on the FIFO ( First In First Out ) System. All Gloves are packed by well trained Packers with hygienic attributes in well organized room and clean environment in order to prevent contamination. Our Gloves are neatly packed into the Inner Boxes for the ease of Gloves dispensing during use.